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Students in FISD are served healthy and delicious foods by award-winning employees in their Child Nutrition Program. The management team serving our customers have successfully completed state and nationally approved certification classes in nutrition education, culinary education, administration, communication, operations, marketing, training and food safety. Input from students and parents is utilized for menu adjustments annually. Healthy snack choices are provided and nutrition education classes are a part of the curriculum as the Child Nutrition Department works with educators to help students learn about nutrition and exercise as part of a life-long lifestyle. The FISD Child Nutrition Department is self-supported by the meals and items sold in campus cafeterias.

Did you know....

Frisco ISD Child Nutrition serves more than 48,000 meals and meal equivalents daily.

FISD meals are analyzed for nutritional content and meet the RDA for each age/grade group

Our Goal...

To provide healthy, nutritious meals for students within the Frisco Independent School District, in an effort to enhance student performance. We will support nutrition education and health awareness in the District and participate in community and parent health awareness groups.

Frisco ISD Child Nutrition Program  | 12050 Rolater Road, Frisco, TX  75035
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